Friday, January 12, 2007

nude pics

you will not find any nude pics of me on this site. believe me that is a good thing, I have seen me with no cloths on and you don't want to.

another reason there are no pics is that I am not a lover of new technology. i don't have a digital camera and even if i did I do not think I could figure out how to put a pic on this blog. There is always hope though. I may break down and get the camera and even take the time to learn how to post pics. But there still won't be any nude ones.

I do feel the electronic and technology have changed human life and not all for the better. i work in a government institution and we have all kinds of ways to communicate with other employees. there is, fax, e-mail, and voice mail. The one thing we do not do anymore is talk to one another. I have never understood why you would send a e-mail to someone who is in the office just down the hall. get up off your fat ass (mine included) and walk to their office and have a conversation with them. I believe we could eliminate half the bad feeling around the office if people would just talk.

having reread my last statement it is ironic that I am making it on a blog!